The Hit-and-Run Man – Derrick Bickley

Two men. Two different lives. One shattering destiny.

Howard Greenfield – respectable, law-abiding family man with a successful career – goes on a routine business trip. After a reckless night of passion in the bed of a beautiful stranger, he ends up with a gun and a mission.
It’s the early nineties, and IRA bombs continue to threaten the British mainland. When a mysterious Irishman seeks a buyer for a large cache of heroin, it seems as if IRA has forsaken its war on drugs. Trying to negotiate with London’s criminal underworld plunges him into a raging whirlpool of danger and deceit.

Will Tommy Morgan survive to pull off the deal?

A dark tale of seduction and murder, The Hit-and-Run Man is a tough, fast-moving thriller in the snow-covered streets of London.