The Hot Zone – Richard Preston


The Terrifying True Story of the Origins of the Ebola Virus

The Gaia hypothesis proposes that Earth, and the organisms on it, form a self-regulating system that maintains the conditions necessary for life. That the planet is alive, in other words, in much the same way that we are. And just as we have mechanisms to fight off infections, the Earth has tools to protect its well-being.

Are viruses, such as Ebola, Marburg, and HIV, acting as “the Earth’s own antibodies, protecting the environment from encroachment by humans in places where the Earth doesn’t want humans to be fiddling with things?” (J. Reynolds)

Is Earth trying to tell us to leave the rainforests alone?

This book reads like a novel, but it is true, accurate, and frightening.

about-ebolaThe bestselling landmark account of the first emergence of the Ebola virus. A highly infectious, deadly virus from the central African rain forest suddenly appears in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. There is no cure. In a few days 90 percent of its victims are dead. A secret military SWAT team of soldiers and scientists is mobilized to stop the outbreak of this exotic “hot” virus. The Hot Zone tells this dramatic story, giving a hair-raising account of the appearance of rare and lethal viruses and their “crashes” into the human race. Shocking, frightening, and impossible to ignore, The Hot Zone proves that truth really is scarier than fiction.

Richard Preston is the bestselling author of The Hot Zone, The Demon in the Freezer, and the novel The Cobra Event. A writer for The New Yorker since 1985, Preston is the only nondoctor to have received the Centers for Disease Control’s Champion of Prevention Award.