The Human-Undead War III: A Kingdom’s Fall – Jonathan Edward Ondrashek

After staking his claim as the rightful Undead patriarch and returning to the United States, Barnaby has sent his followers on missions to eradicate humankind once and for all. To cast the world into darkness and ensure the Undead’s ascent to godhood, though, he’ll need to destroy the Human Army and confront his nemesis, Brian Koltz.

President Strajowskie, however, understands the stakes involved. He’s on the front line and will risk everything to stop Barnaby and his vampire hordes.

Meanwhile, an insurgent army, led by former Undead general Scott Hammers, approaches Haven abroad. Brian and his people are prepared, but he discovers a traitor in their midst and dark deeds being done against his knowledge. Can he and Haven survive the ensuing battle without being torn apart from within?

As all sides vie for victory, inevitable clashes will bring about a kingdom’s fall. Who will survive the Human-Undead War?