The Last Five Days – Michael Tyne

Imagine the greatest secret in human history. Something that humans have desired since they first became conscious of death: eternal life. A gift from another race…

Here. In England.

A barmaid from Lancashire. A ne’er-do-well from Iowa. Two burger-sellers, brothers, from London. Two physicists, husband and wife, from Cambridge. An ex-Marine from Newcastle. A vicar from Blackpool and his Lady Friend.

And many, many others, all caught up in the secret; some of whom have spent years trying to protect it. But the secret is coming out. And men of power and influence have come to hear of it, and will do anything to lay their hands on it – up to and including going to war.

And somewhere out there, in the darkness and rain of a northern English winter, a wild-card. A maniac, who seeks one thing and one thing only:

He wants all of them – every last one of them – dead.

And he has the will – and the means – to destroy a nation in order to achieve his aim….

Smart, witty, and insightful. –