The Legend Of Heliodor: The Crystal Spirits – Clive Culverhouse

Imagine growing up with an ancient sacred legend only to find out you’re in it!

A scruffy young boy called Kyan is suddenly thrown into a world of magical crystals and Fire-Tongue dragons. The Legend Of Heliodor is taught and embellished by the mysterious and scary Professor Cinnabar and it tells that a thousand years ago a rich and powerful King hid two crystal spirits, one controlling the forces of good, the other the forces of evil.

But the crystal spirits have since been found.

Now Kyan must learn crystal magic quickly to take over from his ancestors and begin a dangerous quest to reunite the crystals to bring back balance before the evil spirit destroys the life and the land he knows.

But someone is out to stop him and the evil has already started.

Exciting fantasy adventure for older children, teens and young adults.