The Mayor of Winchester Gates – Todd Lincoln Richards

The Mayor of Winchester Gates is a story of adventure, love and healing. First of all, Winchester Gates is a cemetery. The Mayor is a resident there who for many reasons decides that he needs to come back and spend some time with the living. When Gilbert Anderson takes a shortcut through the cemetery one night, that’s when the fun begins.

Gilbert gets more than surprised. He gets the answers to the universe. More importantly, he finds a way to fix his broken family. The Mayor of Winchester Gates with his unique brand of fun and humor helps Gilbert bring love and understanding back into a household that has lived with unfathomable pain for longer than he knew. In the process, Gilbert learns what his mother and father have endured, and what his own personal journey will be.

This is a story about finding love in even the most tragic situations. The Mayor of Winchester Gates is a page turner, fun for parents and young adults.