The Orb of Chaos – M. Ray Allen

Soliere Forrester has a plan, and that plan is to get rich…he just doesn’t know how he’s going to do that just yet. His latest scheme involves him and his best friend, Oather, venturing down into the dangerous ruins of Tyric Nor; where it is said there are riches beyond your dreams and death around every corner. His plan gets derailed when he bumps into an old friend, Serieve, who manages to get them swept away through a magic portal to another realm. Suddenly, they are caught up in the middle of plot by the evil King Nicholas to assemble an ancient unholy artifact, The Orb of Chaos, that will enable him to destroy the world.
Now, they must work with the other unfortunate souls who have been stranded there –an eccentric old wizard, an elf, a priest and a woman named Andrea–to stop Nicholas before he destroys everything they hold dear.

Sol knew he should have stayed in bed that morning, but alas, there’s just No Rest for the Wicked.