The Other Michelle – Michelle D. Carnes

THE OTHER MICHELLE is part grassroots political exposé, part memoir, and part local Chicago history, all rolled into one.

Author Michelle Carnes combines her political science, research, and storytelling skills to take readers on a gripping, and at times, emotional ride that covers the two-year span between 2007 and 2009.

The Other Michelle gives readers a ground-level, behind-the-scenes look at the operations of the 2008 Obama Presidential Campaign, from the halls of the National Headquarters in downtown Chicago; to the frosty campaign trails of Iowa; to the inner workings of the powerful credentials office during the DNC convention in Denver; to the rarely-discussed purposes and operations of the presidential transition team in Washington, D.C.; to the pride-felt and memorable moments of the 2009 Inaugural address on Capitol Hill and the festive black-tie celebratory inaugural ball.

This book provides lessons on how the American political process works, against a backdrop of family relationships, including the care of an ailing mother and the promise and challenges of a budding interracial romance. The Other Michelle is not only a quick read about how an ordinary, everyday working woman juggled work, family, friends, and finances to take part in the historic 2008 presidential campaign for Barack Obama, but is also a riveting page-turner chocked full of lessons, tips, laughs, and teachable moments.

If you were there, you’ll remember the ups and downs of this election. If you weren’t, this book will make you feel as if you were. Come along with the author on this fascinating journey and discover what it was like to be “the other Michelle.”