The Princess Rebellion (The Kyroibi Trilogy Book 2) – Christina McMullen

Although Ellie always wanted to save the world, she never wanted to rule it. But as the true master of the Kyroibi and heir to the Korghetian throne, she’s now expected to do both. Worse, she’s also expected to play nice with the other leaders of the Ghowrn Alliance, including the overbearing Prince Gevandar, who sees her as nothing more than a weapon to unleash upon the Huptsovian Empire.

When imperial ships are discovered lurking in Ghowrn space, war becomes inevitable. Ellie finds herself pressured to use the automaton army under her command to end the battle once and for all. With only a handful of allies, she instead embarks on a mission to free the Alliance planets under Huptsovian rule, determined to avoid a full scale robot invasion.

Besides, the more she learns about her mysterious battalion, the more she wonders if peace was ever truly their purpose. And if so, at what cost?