The Raven Bride – Sean Fesko

What do you do when the ones that should save you are the ones that accuse you?

The year is 1692, and sixteen year old Victoria Crowe lives with her mother and sister just north of Salem, Massachusetts. Her father passed away earlier in the year, leaving the duties of tending to the crops to Victoria. It’s hard work, and with winter pressing in, she’s not sure if they’ll be able to survive the winter. The church helps out when they can, but not even Reverend Abernathy can devote enough time to help the women.

One night, Victoria’s mother leaves under mysterious pretenses, putting Victoria in charge of the house. Hours later, Victoria is woken from her slumber by a pounding on the door—the local deputies have come to arrest them as witches!

It is up to Victoria to prove both her and her sister’s innocence—an impossible task for anyone, let alone someone who is still trying to wrap her mind around the sermons the Reverend preaches. Will she be able to convince the town that they are not evil? And if she fails, what happens to her and her sister?