The Red-Tailed Hawk – Jack Dunn

An Apache holy man, Diyin, one of Geronimo’s band, escapes on the way to incarceration in Florida in 1886. He has had a vision foretelling a mission in which he is guided by a red-tailed hawk.

He is befriended by a young, impoverished couple, Michael and Sally Collins, in northern Georgia. Their life is affected by him as they have a son, move to Pennsylvania and experience a better life. It is there that Diyin discovers a place of spiritual significance to Native Americans.

Meditation and his beliefs help him search the skies for signs of the future from the Great Spirit. His gift of prophesy reveals in visions foreshadow major environmental events. Subsequent generations of the Collins Family are chronicled into the middle of the Twenty-first Century. They experience the American Dream punctuated by notable appearances of the red-tailed hawk emphasizing their connection to Native Americans. By accident the last generation discovers evidence of some of Diyin’s artifacts and visions of the future.