The Reflection of Innocence – John Tolliver

If you could see the memories of every person you met would it be a blessing or a curse?

John Calabrace’s life has been in havoc since he was six years old. He spends his life fighting through a flood of empathic memories. Most all of those memories are not his own. The second he touches another person, he knows every memory & feeling they have ever felt, details that, try as he might, he can never forget.

What might seem to be a wonderful gift to some, also has its dark sides. John flees school, finding solace in the Navy serving on a Navy ship and a nuclear submarine. That relative peace and quiet onboard is quickly interrupted after being extracted and recruited into a world of espionage to unlock other worldly secrets.

Is he an angel, is he a monster? Even the military and government officials around him can’t decide. While John may know everyone else’s secrets, he also has secrets of his own. If they fall into the wrong hands, there’s no telling what might happen.

The Reflection of Innocence is an technothriller with strong military espionage influences.