The Revelation Room – Mark Tilbury

The Revelation Room – The first in a new series of gripping psychological crime thrillers written with occasional flashes of dark humour.

Whilst searching for a missing girl, private investigator Geoff Whittle is kidnapped by a highly dangerous cult. Close to death, he makes a desperate call to his son, Ben, asking for help. He tells Ben not to call the police because “everyone will die”. Haunted by the phone call and terrified by what they might find, Ben and his friend, Maddie, track down one of the cult members spreading the word in Oxford city centre. They soon realise that their only option is to join the cult and rescue Ben’s father from the inside.

But the Sons and Daughters of Salvation are a group of unhinged, brainwashed people living under the spell of evil psychopath, Edward Ebb. When Ben and Maddie are initiated into the group, they pass into a world where only two choices exist: compliance or death. The odds are impossibly stacked against them and they are about to discover the gruesome secret locked away in the Revelation Room.