The Rogue Horse Recovery – Chris Poindexter

“Miami Vice on steroids !!! Very captivating read.” – D Hustin

The Rogue Horse Recovery is set on the sun kissed sands and deep blue waters of Florida’s Gold Coast. The rich tropical background is home to a team of recovery specialists living on the edge of society and the fringe of our digital world.

The team has no names, no history and hide behind a string of corporate fronts. They race against the clock and bump up against their own maverick personalities to recover $65 million and clear their client of murder before the police catch up with all of them.

It’s a race through exclusive neighborhoods, big money marinas, expensive equestrian estates and luxury super-yachts.

The story is told from the perspective of The Fat Man, the informal leader of the team, who must navigate the law, competing outside factions and his own haunted past to find a runaway retired Army Sergeant and a package that’s gone missing from a bonded warehouse in Fort Lauderdale. The team has to recover the money, find the man and draw out the shadowy circle of people who would like nothing better than for them all to just disappear. It’s a story of greed, lust and betrayal in the big money, high stakes world of hookers, cocaine and murder on Florida’s Gold Coast.

Dodging the police, clearing the name of a client and recovering a small fortune are all in a day’s work for Recovery and Marine Salvage, Inc. Anytime, anywhere, if you’ve lost it they can get it back.