The Rubicon – S.J. Pearson

A contemporary coming-of-age tale that explores the illicit relationship that develops between a seventeen year old girl and the new vicar in her village parish.

Summer 2011

The Lancashire village of Brierley swelters beneath a suffocating blanket of July heat.

Lucy Hill is almost eighteen and is restless. She dreams of escaping the oppressive stupor of the village she grew up in. Lucy’s frustration with her life intensifies along with the interminable heatwave, until she is drafted in by the new vicar’s wife to help bring order to the vicarage following the family’s move from Surrey to Brierley.

As the heat of the summer burns ever more fiercely, her presence in the vicarage sparks an obsession which has fatal consequences. No-one ever imagined that a girl like Lucy could be the subject of such an obsession.

No-one imagined that a girl like Lucy would cross the Rubicon.