The Secret They Kept – Juliet D. Jones

Everybody has secrets. Some secrets are innocent and harmless, some are damaging and regretful. Some secrets can cost someone everything – including their life. Our secrets haunt us and whatever the secret is – everybody has one.

“Fiery crash shortly before midnight claims the life of beloved rock star Damon La Rosa…”

The world mourned the news that 43-year-old Damon La Rosa died when the car he was driving went off the side of a cliff, exploding into flames with him trapped inside. As Arizona’s favorite son, not only did Damon quickly rise to fortune and fame as one of the greatest rock stars the music industry had ever seen, he was also hugely influential when marching band rosters began exploding with students – mostly wanting to play percussion; same as their idol had when he was in high school. When his Last Will & Testament was read it was discovered that he had a camp built on fifteen acres of his property and donated it to the Arizona Marching Band Association for use as a summer band camp. Every camp has its mysterious legend or eerie tales of haunting and Camp La Rosa is no different – but are the stories really only fabricated?

July 31, 2014 marked the fifth anniversary of Damon’s death. As people from all over the world made their way to the crash site vigil, the Apollo Marching Hawks were full swing into what should have been a simple, nothing-too-exciting week at Camp La Rosa. What happens one chilling night in the woods changes all of their lives forever, forcing them into keeping a foreboding secret.

(10% of author’s royalties from every book sold goes towards high school marching band and music programs. It is the first in a planned series of three books with each book having a performing arts fundraiser attached.)