The Serenity Stone Murder – Marianne Jones

After a long winter in the small northern Ontario town of Jackpine, best friends Margaret Bain and Louise Gagnon are looking forward to a relaxing week of shopping, dining and attending a women’s conference in the “big city” of Thunder Bay. The last thing they expect to encounter is a mysterious murder right next door to St. Stephen’s Church, site of the conference!

Margaret and Louise learn that the victim, Doug Whalen, had no shortage of enemies. As manager of the Thunder Bay casino, he had managed to alienate a lot of people, including his wife, mistresses, employees, and underworld business associates. Suspicion even rested on Thomas Greenfield, who took care of St. Stephen’s Serenity Garden next door to the casino, and who was a passionate opponent of the casino and its hopes to purchase the garden for its expansion.

Ignoring advice and their better judgment, ever-intrepid Louise and Margaret become intrigued by the circumstances surrounding the murder and quickly find themselves embroiled in the investigation. Their search takes them on a wild romp all over Thunder Bay and the surrounding area. But when they begin to receive anonymous threats, are they getting too close to the truth for their own safety?

For those who enjoy their cozies served up with a side dish of humour, The Serenity Stone Murder is sure to entertain while it keeps you guessing!