The Shadow Universe of Dark Matter Life: The Metaphysics of Cosmic Energy & Cold Fusion – Dan Harp

The Shadow Universe of Dark Matter Life: The Metaphysics of Cosmic Energy & Cold Fusion. Humans have evolved with this Shadow Universe. With some practice and experience it can be observed through the mind’s eye.

One of our primary sources of energy is actually the vapor or gaseous form of dark matter. In some circles, this form of energy is referred to as cosmic energy, not to be confused with cosmic rays from exploding stars.

Even though the light universe as we know it is considered holographic, it doesn’t look that way to our physical eyes. With the highest powered electron microscopes we can now see single atoms. In this shadow universe of dark matter however, it’s downright holographic when viewed through the mind’s eye, but technology is yet to get a glimpse of it.

Throughout this book we will explore the metaphysics behind dark matter life, dark matter symbiont life, dark matter flora, cosmic energy and cold fusion.
Some dark matter life has evolved to take advantage of cold fusion for strong electromagnetic fields and electric current. Until technology advances to the point that dark matter can be detected, collected and contained, we will never realize its full potential for cold fusion energy.

It doesn’t matter who makes this discovery first, only that it is the holy grail of discoveries, and it will certainly make that person join an elite group of the wealthiest people on the planet.

This book takes you through how humans have evolved with dark matter, along with effective techniques to overcome your challenges and activate your minds-eye, raise your awareness, and energize your physical being, allowing you to perceive dark matter life for yourself.