The Splits – MV Clark


The global zombie plague known as ‘the Splits’ is under fragile control, but the unpredictable way it spreads means nobody feels safe.

Anna, a young journalist, deals with her fear of infection by learning everything she can about it – which brings her to the attention of Lupe Ferraz, a maverick scientist working on an unconventional cure.

As Anna discovers the secrets of the Splits, and whether or not she’s infected, her world begins to fall apart.

Meanwhile, what is going on with Anna’s sister Claire, and her peculiar little boy Michael?

Spanning four decades and six first person narratives, The Splits interrogates love, loyalty and identity, as Lupe, Anna, Claire and the people around them discover the terrifying truth about the disease.

“A fantastic zombie novel which is incredibly relevant to our times. It does all the things quality horror should do – builds suspense, delivers shocks and distorts everyday reality to great effect. And creates a creeping feeling that something is very, very wrong.”
Louise – Amazon reviewer