The Stone Merchants – Rob Kelley

What would you do if someone is trying to kill you and you have no idea why? The Stone Merchants, a romance suspense thriller set in the American south-west, weaves murder, romance, intrigue, and political conspiracy into a sizzling fast-paced adventure.

Ryan McCall, a widowed father of a five-year-old daughter and a renowned quantum computer designer from the National Laboratory in Los Alamos, is kidnaped, interrogated and left for dead while attending an out-of-town computer symposium. Jennifer Taylor, the attractive emergency room physician who treats him, unwittingly gets involved in Ryan’s personal nightmare.

The couple’s lethal dilemma leads to the involvement of a small town police detective named José Rodriguez and a skeptical FBI agent named Ron Mercer who try to solve a series of seemingly inexplicable murders that lead all the way to the White House.