The Story of Odette: The Swanmaiden’s Unveiling – Anya Howard

Odette, daughter of a Saxon cheiftain and his swanmaiden bride, was orphaned at an early age and then banished by her vengeful half-sister, Vanda. Years later, Odette is found by her sympathetic brother-in-law, and escorted into the safe haven of Athla. In this fabled realm the law decrees that Odette must learn the sacred rites of the Great Balance, or the sensual equilibrium between men and women.

While Odette is initiated into Athla’s disciplines of passion and surrender, powerful forces work beyond the borders. The vampire priests of Loki seek a swanmaiden’s daughter in order to sacrifice her so that their god may be released from his ancient shackles. To obtain Odette for this rite, the vampires turn to Lady Vanda and the aid of a handsome mercenary who knows nothing about Odette’s heritage or Vanda’s unsated sense of revenge.

What the malevolent trickster has not revealed to his priests is his true objective – not merely to usher in Ragnarok, but more importantly, to abolish and utterly destroy love and sensuality in the world of mankind. Only one man can stand against Loki’s plans and save Odette from sacrifice – the same man who has vowed to return the swanmaiden’s daughter back to her unforgiving sister.

“Anya Howard’s The Story of Odette combines mythology, erotica and BDSM in grand style. It’s a lush, multi-layered tale with a strong-willed heroine and a supporting cast of supernatural beings and easy to loathe villains.”
~ Jade Blackmore, author of “Seduced And Abandoned & Other Erotic Tales”