The Telling Mirror – M.G. Nelson

Life has been hard on Sig and she isn’t taking it any longer. Stuck on her uncle’s farm in South Dakota, it’s time for her to make a break. With her mom locked away in a treatment center, she’s running away to find her long absent father. But she’ll need the money she’s swiped and hidden in the haymow of the farm’s old barn.

As she digs her way through the hay bales to retrieve her money, the unstable stack collapses, pinning her to the back of the barn. Crushed and running out of breath she’s sure she’s a goner. Then the wall’s boards break from the hay’s weight creating a hole which Sig tumbles through.

Her landing is hard, made even harder by discovering she’s landed in a different world, dark with evil and danger. Even stranger is the barn cat who jumps through the portal with her helping her navigate through this strange world, and a difficult journey of discovery.