The Time Store – Andrew Clark

Rule #1 of Time Travel: Preserve True Time.

Greenwich, London. A borough steeped in history. Home of
the Royal Observatory, Cutty Sark, Old Royal Naval College
and the Prime Meridian. Also home to the Bradbeers,
a family of Time Travellers.

If you’re lucky, the Bradbeers will help you live your dreams or
recapture lost time. Walk with dinosaurs or presidents, become
a Wild West cowboy or a Roman legionnaire, resolve your past
or lay your ghosts to rest.

Tragedy-ridden John Brewer is given the chance to put his life
back on the road to recovery – to venture back in time and bury
his nightmares. But when he gives his dying wife a kiss goodbye
he is not to know that he’ll rip apart the very fabric of his own
true time… and also that of Dan Bradbeer.

Many will meet the Bradbeers as they search for answers.
But for those who dare to cross them,
rule number one will not apply.