The Truth and Nothing but Lies – Cheri Vause

An FBI agent, just promoted to Special Agent in Charge of the Portland, Oregon Field Office, is called by the Governor of Oregon to head up an investigation of several Women’s Clinic explosions both in Oregon and Washington states. The longer he investigates, the more he realizes that everyone is lying, including his own mother.

The truth evades him until he begins to follow the last known footsteps of a beautiful woman who is suspected of committing suicide. At the same time a famous reporter is receiving anonymous emails and comes to the sleepy town of Astoria, Oregon to discover why, the FBI agent comes closer to who he believes is the bomber. Slowly, he learns that he may also be investigating a murder, rather than the suicide of the mysterious woman known as Lara.

As the case heats up, he begins to wonder if its possible to fall in love with a woman he never met, and prays that somehow, somewhere the beautiful Lara is still alive.