The Vigilance Committee – David Lawrence Palm

A group of college students form a committee dedicated to eradicating anything they find disagreeable or unpleasant in this satire of political correctness run amok.

Blue Jade Toole spent his whole life being beaten down by snide comments, opinions he disagreed with and people refusing to celebrate the mere fact of his physical existence. When he goes to college he finds a group of students who have experienced the same thing and who are determined to make it stop.

Blue Jade teams with them and they form a vigilance committee dedicated to eradicating racial and sexual microaggressions, opinions they disagree with and thoughts they identify as harmful. In concert with an administration that’s a little too willing to help, they introduce a laundry list of ambiguous phrases they think are subversive, paragraph-length ethnic identifiers, detailed and mandatory sensitivity classes and trigger warnings that water course material down to a grade school level.

But as The Vigilance Committee becomes more powerful and their demands more extreme, even the politically correct administration wonders how far they’re willing to go. That question is answered by Blue Jade, in whose opinion “nothing is too extreme when it’s in the name of progress.”