The Wake (and What Jeremiah Did Next) – Colm Herron

MAUD ABILENE HARRIGAN is the neighbour nobody wants to have. Day after day when Jeremiah Coffey and his mother sit down to eat dinner Maud stands at their kitchen door watching every bite that goes into their mouths. And then one fine day she drops dead right in front of them.

As soon as the welcome shock wears off Jeremiah’s mother decides that she is going to wake Maud. She does this to show up the neighbours – who then pile in to pay their last disrespects. And before you know it the house is littered with a colourful array of characters. The Wake is the blow-by-blow account of Maud’s last 24 hours in the Coffey house.

YET PARTLY HIDDEN AMID THE COMEDY are other stories, stories that tell of

– Jeremiah’s slavish conformism

– his perverse and obsessive love for his on-off bisexual girlfriend Aisling, a fiery political activist

– her commitment to civil rights in the US, N. Ireland and other European hotspots and to women’s rights everywhere – and to the notion that it might take bloody revolution to achieve all these rights