The Woman on the Beast – Macie Holloway

Atticus Fletcher is a thirteen-year-old boy in a Darth Vader costume with his mom held captive in the basement. It was all HER fault he never had any friends. The other mothers wouldn’t dare let their sons play with the son of a prostitute known throughout the neighborhood as the black widow spider. Atticus assumed that’s why he didn’t know who his Daddy was. His mother must have eaten him. Now revenge is sweet as her bloody severed tongue can only produce a silent scream in the darkness, and he can focus on his remaining hit list- the rest of the world. Everyone always saw him as the fat freckle-faced kid on the bike, not a genius capable of walking through fire walls with his new Skeleton Key virus. A ghost in the darkness, he is invisible as he scrambles government communications and empties enough Swiss Bank accounts to start world world III. He won’t stop until all of his enemies are walking dead and the black water of Sterling Heights, Mississippi turns red with blood. Facing extinction, humanity is left with only one hope – aerospace engineer Haiku Makanura. But Haiku doesn’t have time to play mind games with the devil, only the innocent. While the young antichrist is busy ushering in his apocalyptic season of 666, Haiku is sending out ninjas on stealth drones to rescue the children. As Ebola spreads throughout the world, and nations implode like stars in a pointless power struggle, he is the only man alive who knows the real passage to freedom. After all, legend told of two ghosts in the darkness.