Thievery – School of the Seven Bells – Devyn Dawson

In five minutes, a hood will be placed on my head, then a noose draped around my neck, and the trapdoor will drop me to my death. Yes, I stole a scarf, now I die. I’m Rumor, and I’m a thief.

This YA Dystopian tale isn’t as it seems. The school is filled with students taken from the orphanage in middle of the night. They’re taught the art of becoming a pickpocket. It is the only way to earn their admission to a real life in the borough. Headmaster Trig, and instructor Alaric will teach them how to read, how to fight, how to be a friend, and how to do the right thing.

Devyn Dawson delivers a fast paced, epic tale of bravery and ambition.