Thirteen Years of Dust – Jeffrey M. Thompson Jr.

Duke is an egotistical, sarcastic and obsessive, ex-FBI special detective who got canned from the bureau for botching a decade long investigation because he was blind drunk. It’s a secret he has vowed to take to the grave and only his ex-partner knows what really happened that night in Bay Springs, Mississippi.

Now after a stint in rehab and losing everything, he is sober, a vegetarian and heavily into chanting and meditation. Although he still battles with his many addictions, he allows for one. His love for the lottery and game shows.

Down on his luck, highly in debt to his ex-wife and with a landlord just itching to evict him, Duke has found a way to get some quick cash doing what he loves doing best. Solving murders. He reads an article in the newspaper that the FBI is currently offering a reward for information leading to the arrest in the murder of Karen Linford, thirteen years earlier.

Duke devises a plan to help in the investigation as an independent investigator and just collect the reward money as payment for his services. It’s never been done before. By pulling a string or two, he is partnered up with an unwilling and inept Special Agent, the lovely, Indian beauty Shriya Thakur.

Together they discover the police thirteen years earlier were wrong when they called it a random robbery attempt gone sour. There was more to Karen’s death than they had thought!

So was Karen’s murder a case of mistaken identity, or was someone trying to take revenge against her father, Derek Linford? Who is the man in the grey suit and glasses?

While going through the winter streets of Akron, Ohio, looking for Karen’s killer, Duke and Shriya discover an underground operation which has nothing to do with Karen’s murder, but stands in the way of revealing the killer’s identity.

Now Duke must risk his life to blow open the operation and expose the people involved in order to get to the truth.

In a city full of addiction, he sets forth, determined to stay clean and ot let anyone get away with murder.