Thunderlands – Stewart Bint

A collection of 17 short stories ranging from the sublime to the unforgivably ridiculous, including:

  • The Trial Of Santa Claus, where the jovial guy in red faces charges of cruelty to children;
  • The Twitter Bully sees an online cyber bully get his come-uppance in a particularly grotesque way;
  • Hello Dear in which the ghost of an elderly lady keeps appearing to a career woman.
  • A Timely Murder, where a man goes to unusually severe lengths to ensure he has a water-tight alibi;
  • The Wind Of Fire, featuring a space traveller with three eyes and a two-foot-long trunk who finds a mysterious book on a dead world;
  • Harvey Looks For A Friend, telling of a young ghost desperately seeking someone to play with;
  • Ree – The Troll Of Dingleay, written with a lot of help from the pupils of Huncote Community Primary School, in Leicestershire, UK;
  • And 10 more!