Tides of Hope – Dawn Tomasko

Fresh from a wrenching divorce and estranged from her college bound daughter, Sara Shepard makes her way to Nantucket. No longer afraid to rock the boat, she’s done with her people pleasing ways. Now she’s ready to boldly make her mark on the world. On her own terms, with no man telling her how it’s going to go down.

Leaving his hotshot career in New York, Gabriel Donovan lives out his passion on Nantucket: restoring historic homes. Stunned by one look at Sara, with her smart mouth, steel backbone and sexy, independent streak and he’s on fire.

Sara can’t resist Gabe’s rugged good looks and muscular body. With humor, charm and finesse, he seduces his way into her life. When they agree on a scorching fling without strings, neither of them guess how deep they’ll be willing to go.

A horrible accident puts Sara’s life on the line. Do Gabe and Sara have what it takes to make their happily ever after?