Time Lies – Magnus Stanke

In Time Lies, a devious mystery-thriller set in Cold War Germany, a reluctant serial killer realises he has been murdering the wrong people.

But there is hope for him yet…

Karl wakes up in a locked room, a prisoner once again. But this unfamiliar place is no penitentiary. And this time he volunteered to be here.

A tragic accident took everything that was dear to Albert. Now everybody’s favourite twin sits in his wheelchair and contemplates the ultimate sin.

Dagmar was taken in by the church as a baby and has grown into a young woman with a ferocious appetite – and it’s not for food.

Tobias is the other twin, the also-ran whose greatest talent lies in impersonating his brother. Tobias’ skills are less developed when it comes to killing.

But make no mistake – he’ll catch on…

Four different people. Four different stories. One murderer. Maybe their lifelines crossed years ago.