Time’s Deceit – Stephen Winter

My name is Isabela Instanté and . . . Oh naïve future chrononauts—grab your Temporal Transit manuals and prepare to levitate!

Isabela receives a family heirloom from her mother Claire for her 17th birthday: a Chronos, the time-travel device invented by a future dwelling father she’s never met. In her search for Roger Instanté, she finds an America beset by currency revaluations, subversive nests, and with freedoms and property rights at stake. From his penthouse atop the Alcatraz Casino, Roger enlists Isabela in his plans to rejigger this reality—crashing the Time Barrier, a kidnapping in antiquity, transporting emigrants from a desperate future who must then cope with their defiant younger selves . . .

Before it’s over, Isabela’s quest will have expanded to include the entire world and her antagonist may turn out to be nothing less than Time itself.