Tissue of Lies – Carole Parkes

When pure evil creeps into this cozy family drama, it becomes a chilling psychological thriller that will keep you wondering, what happens next?

For some unknown reason, Julie Simpson always suspected the dear couple who’d raised her were not her real parents. To her horror, she discovers her fears are well founded. Even worse, it looks like her mum and dad must have taken part in her abduction when she was just a baby.

Julie longs to learn the truth, but she’s reluctant to start anything which might result in her parents being prosecuted for her abduction. Knowing and loving them all her life, she wants to protect them but; ultimately, the need to know the truth wins. Seeking out her birth parents, she becomes close to them but, owing to the necessity to safeguard her mum and dad, it’s a relationship formed on lies.

Julie’s husband, John, in on the secret, fears there’s something odd about her new-found parents, particularly her birth mother Jeanette who strikes him as being insincere. Yet, how can he doubt her when mother and daughter look so alike? As the relationship deepens, John soon forgets his initial fears.

Perhaps he would have been wiser to heed his instincts, for all is not as it seems. There is something odd about Jeanette. Her devoted husband Arthur notices her changing, yet even he is totally ignorant of the conniving lengths she’s prepared to go to wreak her revenge. Surprisingly, her revenge is not meant for her daughter’s abductors. There is another, even older score that she wishes to settle.

Not only a tale of lies, deception, betrayal, greed, and revenge, but so much more.