TITAN: From Earth’s Past A Hero Rises (Adventures of an Olympian Book 1) – Jeff Fuell

Gaius Richards is a teenage boy born of two worlds who just wants to go to high school and live a normal life as he connects with his mortal roots. As the hero “Titan,” an immortal from Mt. Olympus and the son of Gaia, he is also the strongest person to ever walk the face of the Earth. Christine is a smart, overly-serious girl who accidentally stumbles onto his secret, and through the wisdom of the gods finds that maybe it was not an accident that they were meant to find each other. As they fall in love, the two of them will together face the greatest adventure of their lives as Gaius, Earth’s sworn protector, will face the greatest battle of his life as he attempts to stop a human killing machine long thought dead from wrecking havoc on his adopted home. Can an Olympian die, or will he be able to find the strength to not only save himself, but everyone he holds dear?