Turner: Bitter Change – Bea Cannon

In the not too distant future…
An alien invasion rolls right over anything Earth has to offer in its defense. They take possession and proceed to reconfigure things to their liking, wiping out old boundaries, establishing new ones, plundering the Earth of its resources. In effect, they are the new rulers of this little ball of mud.
Juri Turner is born five years after this violent disruption of human society, and she is transforming into something that appears to be non-human.
How are these two events connected? Or are they?
Juri hasn’t a clue. In fact, she doesn’t even think about it. She just tries to maintain a low profile and survive because ever since she was three years old and began growing scales all over her body, no one has liked her, not even her parents. In fact, everyone hates her practically on sight, or soon afterwards.
She has learned to cope with her lot in life after her own fashion, but one of her ways of coping has landed her, at the age of fifteen, in solitary confinement in a government-run institution for the rehabilitation of wayward youth. And the government is run by the Artesio, the alien invaders.
When her alterations begin to accelerate and are discovered, she’s sent to another location for her own safety where she struggles to learn what she is and to understand why she has been subjected to such a change. Will the witch she meets in her new home have answers to what she’s becoming?
A tale of change; of hate, love, and betrayal; and of spaceships and magic…