Unconditional: Based in the True Story of a Metanoia – Maitri May

The brain is a malleable, transformable and improved body. We must escape the routine to provide new stimuli to the brain so that it faces different challenges to develop those aspects that may be more dormant. Neuroplasticity is learning new, complex, difficult tasks because that is what forces us to exercise mental muscles.

The main character realizes that in order to change her life, she has to train her brain by changing activities and learning new tasks, so her brain becomes more resilient and able to re-educate it.

This is the story of Martha, who is mistreated in her family but she survives her childhood thanks to her best friend, Matthew, and in her teenage she finds out who actually is that friend full of wisdom and knowledge. It´s her life story from baby till she is 29 years old, when after following her dreams in a catholic mission in Mexico and with Mother Theresa in India, finds a different path, because she was not born just to sit down and see her life passing in front of her eyes as watching a movie. She had to play a role in her life where she was the main character, but she decided what kind of movie she wanted to be living in.

From her dialogues and experiences in life, she learns about friendship, relationships, education, work, money, as well as faith, intuition, God, inner self, psychic phenomena and past lives. She knows there’s more in life than doing the same things like all the others.