Under the Fresh Turned Earth – Renee Dalton

If you were given a magical book that could grant your deepest truest wish, what would you wish for? Do you think you know your true wish?

Nel does. She’s known it since she was six and now she may have a chance for her wish to come true. The Carte Dorare, a magical book that’s a century old, is calling out to her.

It’s been hidden away for fifty years, but not forgotten. Everyone in the city of Drutherton is looking for it. Nel is the only one close enough to unearth it.

Nel’s quirk has finally come in handy. She enjoys visiting the graves of the cemetery and immersing herself in the stories of the deceased.

The most recent to pass left a record of her life in a diary. A diary that’s now in Nel’s pocket, and it’s a most interesting read. It may even lead her to the most sought after treasure in Drutherton, the Carte Dorare.

To find it and fulfill her true wish, all Nel has to do is keep reading.

Follow Nel on her quest. Read Book One of the Carte Dorare Series, Under the Fresh Turned Earth, a humorous and original young adult tale of magical realism, by Renee Dalton.