Undercover Angel – Rick Suttle

Ten years ago, four women and a man were murdered because of an evil scheme concocted by Oliver Koch, the late principal of Madison High School in Perryville, Ohio. After a decade of relative quietude in this rural town, two women are found murdered in August, 2016, and another one is missing. Meanwhile, police officer Angel Tolbert has recently been hired by her former boss, Captain Humphrey Barrett, to go undercover as a barmaid and investigate the murders and kidnapping, which may once again be tied to a brutal girl gang called the Fiends and some ruthless drug dealers. Angel soon finds herself in brutal game of cat and mouse that could ultimately claim her as the next victim.

Undercover Angel is the stand-alone sequel to Bullies of Madison High, which introduces a beautiful but tough-as-nails character whom the author plans to create a series around. Angel Tolbert is truly someone who every woman wants to be and every man desires.