A Bend in the Future – Abby Brown

Tammy’s best friend Genell pushed her away from the horse farm where they had practically grown up together. Tammy moved to the city to explore college and find a future while mourning her life-long friend.

Only, her life twists in ways she never knew were possible. Without the farm to sneak across the creek to, Tammy takes a part time job to keep her mind busy. Until she is too sick to work. Secrets have been hidden from her, many in plain sight. Some secrets her family thought she knew. Others, they hoped would never affect her.

Tammy’s plans for her future change as secrets are revealed. Everything she thought she knew about herself, her family, and her neighbors falls apart around her. Becoming an adult, and building a future, will mean forging an unexpected bond.

66 Chapters
76,809 Words