A Ghost Story Omnibus: Collected Ghost Stories 2016-2018 – H.E. Bulstrode

This omnibus brings together seven of H.E. Bulstrode’s ghost stories from the English shires originally published between 2016 and 2018:

The Ghost of Scarside Beck
A newly-wed Cumbrian vicar and his wife experience a night like none they could ever have foreseen. He may have answered his calling, but who, or what, is calling her?

Old Crotchet
There’s little that will rile a woman over 300 years of age more than the arrival of some flighty young upstart intent upon displacing her. The year is 1920, and festivities are about to commence as something sinister stirs from its protracted dormancy, awakened, it seems, by the arrival of two young guests. The old ways, they find, should not be treated lightly.

Old Crotchet’s Return
George Simpkins is in a state, and it’s not just because of the gin. His wife remains missing, his son a curious and callous enigma, and, most worryingly of all, his spouse’s erstwhile schoolmate, the witheringly waspish Cynthia, has plans afoot for his future. That’s not the half of it, for it’s not only the living he has to contend with.

At Fall of Night
Welcome to Wiltshire in the autumn of 1843. Monsieur Benoit Lavarnier, toast of the Parisian art world and a man of cultured accomplishments, finds himself commissioned to paint a portrait of renowned beauty, Lady Helena Brocklington. He arrives at Shrimmingwood Hall not only with the accoutrements of his trade, but also something sinister lurking in his train.

A disturbing tale of the supernatural in which the world of Romano-Celtic Britain collides with the forces of 19th-century progress. Was it the molecatcher or the navvies who brought it back? Neither would claim it as their own, and neither would wish to. Whatever it should be, it would seem that it finds its pleasure in the riot of the chase, and in the singling out, and punishment, of its chosen quarry.

The Rude Woman of Cerne
Beatrice Clemens, full-time social justice warrior and part-time B&B hostess, proves an irritant not only to her guests, but also to someone, or something, she has never even met. A shadowy, furtive figure is glimpsed amidst the hedgerows and within the banks of an ancient earthwork – the embodiment of old Dorset? Whoever it may be, his sense of justice would appear to be a very different one to her own.

Agnes of Grimstone Peverell
A snobbish theatre critic and his wife seek warmth inside the minster of Grimstone Peverell, only to be accosted by a pious and enthusiastic guide, eager to acquaint them with every aspect of its history. So keen is she on their company, that she proves most reluctant to let them leave.
These stories are also available from Amazon in the following paperbacks:

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•Anthology: Wry Out West
•Old Crotchet’s Return