A Ghost Story Omnibus Volume Three (Collected Ghost Stories) – H.E. Bulstrode

Within the pages of this new collection of ghost stories and supernatural tales you will meet: a Jacobean master mason with an uncanny talent; a Georgian gentleman of taste with a taste for unspeakable pleasures; an eighteenth-century architect whose elegant works are not the only wonders to rise from the soil of the city of Bath; a tormented war veteran whose past will not rest; an unsuspecting female cleric drawn to a new and dangerous calling, and a taciturn Yorkshireman led a merry dance upon the Cumbrian fells

For those with a taste for classic ghost stories in the vein of M.R. James, E.F. Benson, and L.T.C. Rolt. A collection in which historical fiction collides with the Gothic, folk horror, and the occult in England’s dark dreaming.