A Realistic Path to Peace – Dee Knight

A Realistic Path to Peace: From Genocide to Global War… and How We Can Stop It is a book by Dee Knight that was published in 2024. It explores the causes of Israel’s genocide against Palestinians, and the war crisis in Eastern Europe.

The book also discusses how a new peace movement is emerging, but faces many obstacles, including war hysteria in Washington, and a mainstream media that has abandoned objectivity.

Realist theory of peace building is a top-down approach that assumes that state leaders drive the peacemaking process to maximize their geostrategic interests. Realists believe that states should only go to war when their own survival and/or vital interests are at stake, and that the world is typically made up of many shades of gray, with unintended consequences abound.

Stephen M. Walt, a columnist at Foreign Policy and a professor of international relations at Harvard University, suggests that world leaders should maintain defense forces to protect their territory and to help allies. He also suggests that leaders should consider whether their foreign and national security policies might be encroaching on other states’ interests.