A Region of Reverie – D. T. Adams

Uplifting poems and other pieces of writing about the Lake District today

A collection of writings about the blissful and enchanting Lake District. The pieces of writing in this collection are grouped into three categories:

– A Place to Savour. This is all about the breathtaking natural beauty of the Lakes. The district’s stunning natural features, namely its spectacular bodies of water, its remarkable collection of hills and its picturesque landscapes, are in the spotlight here
– A Place of Change. The focus of this section is how awe-inspiring the Lakes can be. The district’s mostly undisturbed scenery can bring about surprising changes in people, making them feel happy, embrace hope and achieve new things
– A Place Overrun. This section looks at how the district’s massive tourism industry is affecting the place. For many people, the Lakes are a treasure, yet the district may lose its value if visitor numbers continue to skyrocket

Immerse yourself in the Lake District, a place of authentic charm and resplendent beauty.

You’ll enjoy reading A Region of Reverie if you like thoughtful pieces about nature and some of the best holiday destinations out there.