Aaron and Me, Works In Progress – Debralynn Fein

During a routine baby-wellness checkup, Kim Segal is faced with one of the most horrendous experiences a parent can endure: a couple of innocent cafe-au-lait spots on the body indicate a possible diagnosis of Neurofibromatosis (NF) for her eighteen-month-old son, Aaron. Ill-equipped to cope with the indefinite nature of the diagnosis, the New Jersey suburban first-time mom spirals out of control. She becomes obsessed with irrational thoughts of how to protect her innocent son from a disease that seems to have no cure, but could leave him blind, deaf or missing a limb. As Kim goes through each successive neurological visit with Aaron, waiting for medical professionals to give her a pronouncement of normalcy or doom, the uncertainty eats away at the edges of her otherwise normal life, threatening to shatter her already shaky marriage to Hal.

This 80,000 word upmarket women’s fiction novel, mainly seen through Kim’s eyes, is the coming of age story of a young mother whose journey moves from questioning everything about her current life and beliefs, to an acceptance and wisdom about how to live fully despite life’s uncertainty.