Across Enemy Space – L.J. Simpson

The Alliance and the Combine have been at war for decades, fighting a battle of attrition in a conflict that knows no end. Now, aided by a mole at the very top of the Alliance chain of command, the Combine has stolen the initiative, outmaneuvering the Alliance fleet and thrusting ever deeper into Alliance territory.
Newly promoted General Torrance, Commander in Chief, Alliance Air and Ground Forces, is charged with stemming the tide – halting the string of defeats and checking the enemy’s advance into the Alliance heartland. But before he can take the fight to the enemy, he must first do battle with the enemy within – the appeasers and defeatist elements within his own political hierarchy.
And while the fleet makes its stand, Director of Intelligence Brigadier Faulkner has his own vital mission. He must deploy his counter-intelligence assets to search out the mole and destroy the enemy spy ring before it can fatally damage the Alliance cause.
With both sides seeking the advantage, the very future of the Alliance is left hanging in the balance. Only one man, the bravest of the brave, can break the deadlock by travelling across enemy space in search of new found allies. But is it a lost cause? Is it already too late to save the Alliance? Indeed, is it even real?