African Witches and Wizards is partly fiction mixed with reality of our existence in Africa. It is about how witches fly about at night and attend their meetings in the coven to cause misfortunes, destruction and deaths. It explains everything with terrible and horrible stories of how they operate and the terrible things they do in our houses of horrors. Each chapter of the book is a terrible story of sad incredible tales of cries and woes in our encounters with forces of darkness. Harry Porter is like a child play in the face of African witchcraft which has perished so many lives in Africa and caused so much sorrow, tears and blood. It is one of the reasons why Africa is so backward because every step taken by good people to move forward in life is dragged back fourteen space backwards in our pains and sufferings. The terrible and horrible stories in this book will open your eyes to the reality of their existence on earth. Truth is stranger than fiction. At the end, the reader will find out that the real terrorists are the African witches and wizards whose grave evils cannot be scientifically certified and cases that cannot be brought to court for judgement.