ALIAS E.Rs – Erick M. Kimani

Overseers, High profiled Agents, Media Moguls, Business magnates, Terrorist cells, Global syndicates; welcome to the Roleys’ world.
‘ALIAS E.Rs’ is my debut novel in my new series line-up, The Rs. Files.
It features a mentally brilliant young man, working undercover in a top-secret agency, run by the world’s most powerful syndicate. The director and CEO of the Agency brutally trained, then put the young man undercover in his agency to test his training. The young man proves to be more effective than the top agent in the agency. The story takes a twist as the director orchestrates his death and promotes the young man to his CEO position by inheritance. The director’s plan of shoving the young man on the syndicate’s path falls to place, as the young man is forced by a turn of events to wage a war against the syndicate. The young man is relentless forcing the syndicate to make a truce. Along with the young man’s adventures, he will fall in love ‘again’ and get heartbroken, make and lose friends but will pull through and come out the other side; for his fate, till the next book.