Alternative Therapies – Thomas P. Wilkinson

Over the centuries, the Western world has turned to conventional medicine to treat a host of illnesses. However, with more and more studies being conducted, it is becoming increasingly clear that conventional medicine, such as surgical or pharmaceutical treatment, may not be the ultimate treatment option currently available, not to mention it’s certainly not the most affordable. Rather, there are numerous alternative therapy options that have been practiced in other parts of the world for centuries, and they promise the same – if not better – results at a fraction of the cost and often in a much less invasive way. These are often referred to as complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), integrative medicine (IM), or alternative medicine (AM). This book is designed to introduce you to 10 specific types of complementary and alternative techniques and healing methods, giving you information about how they theoretically work, what modern science has to say about their effectiveness, and the actual mechanics underneath. At the end of the day, we’re all striving to maximize our health and well-being for the sake of ourselves and the people who love and care about us: So if conventional medicine hasn’t been working for you, then perhaps it’s time to give alternative therapy a shot. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised.