Ambassador – Freya Pickard

In Volume Two of The Kaerling, Otta and Erl are trapped in Aura Vere, the capital city of Falnaboldu.

Due to a misunderstanding at the gates, Otta is mistaken for one of the Kaerling ambassadors and she finds she has to pretend to be someone she is not.

Tensions between the twins continue as Erl makes friends with the Suryans in the city. Otta tries to find out about Derri’s background and Nagaru keeps prompting her to continue her search for the unicorn in Aura Vere’s library.

The discovery that Otta looks very like Dia, the chief ambassador, leads to the girl questioning her ancestry. Both repelled and drawn to the mysterious Kaerlings, Otta’s character begins to change …

When the twins discover that the Kaerlings are aware of Otta’s presence they must find a way out of the city without alerting those who seem intent on capturing them …

Ambassador continues the story that began in Silver Fire which is available as a free download.